With team work we work together, forming a company that serves both our customers needs and sets our personal goals as employees. Hoag Construction strives on setting the best atmosphere and establishing productive communication. We try to keep ourselves as efficient as possible. Every minute counts, as a team we save our customers money every time we touch a job. Without cutting corners, we build to last.


Working relationships forged over time and trust, has created the best subcontractors. We have gone thru thick and thin and sifted thru the bunches, the subcontractors left that have made our list are the best. Get our volume pricing when you use Hoag, we supply our subs massive amounts of work, in turn they give us the best deals. Our relationship discounts make us so competative.


Head of Operations

Jenet Thao, President of Hoag Construction

Starting from humble beginnings with 5 brothers and 4 sisters she knows the importances of team work. Jenet worked and went to school to acheive what she has accomplished. Her abition to get ahead has allowed her to go from Secretary to Office Manager/Assistant Director then President and majority owner of Hoag Construction. As a Office Manager and Assistant Director she pioneered to push Hoag Construction into the government sector. Once she became President she fit the final pieces together to make Hoag Construction a perfect fit for any government agency to work with an outstanding company. As the President she knows the right things to do to get the most out of her team (Directors) as she would say. "A great team will go farther then any individual".


Daniel Hoag, Director of Operations Northern California

Starting off in the drilling fields as a kid and young adult Danny learned how to operate large machinery and understand basic mechanics. Out of high school he joined the United States Navy, to become a journeyman electrician on a nuclear power plant on a fast attach submarine. After five years, Danny was Honorably Discharged as a Disabled Veteran. He did not quit there, he continued his education to persue his bachelors degree in Nuclear Engineering. Although with his education he could run a nuclear power plant, he decided to open a construction business instead. In 2004 he opened now Hoag Construction Inc., along the way added a few additional licences C-10 (Electrical) and C-36 (Plumbing) and pushed the company in to the commercial remodeling field. In 2009 he teamed up with Liane Herndon now Director of Operations Southern Ca to create a Southern California office. In 2014 he sold his majority shares to now Head of Operations, Jenet Thao, Daniel Hoag is still much invovled in the management and technical aspects of Hoag Construction. Hoag was founded by Daniel Hoag, but now Hoag Construction is run by a network of highly qualified individuals. Hoag Construction Inc. now serves the entire State of California.

Liane Herndon, Director of Operations Southern California

Liane brought 25+ years experience in customer service and management to Hoag Construction, joining the team in January of 2009. As our Director of Operations for our Southern CA Division, as well as being a Certified Project Manager out of the University of California-Riverside, Liane is committed to providing excellent customer service and managing  our projects with the highest level of integrity and proficiency. You want Liane on your project she will see it to finish. She takes on every project as if it where her own. Very organized, very tentive, and Hoag is very lucky to have her.





Office Manager

Yer Thao, Southern California






Daniel Hoag


Aaron Hawk


Field Crew

  • Jack Vining
  • Eric Allen
  • Greg Cruz
  • Aaron Hawks
  • Andres Deloya
  • Julio Ceasar Zarate